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RRE – Owl Tree discharge print

Awesome 4 color super soft owl shirt

Awesome 4 color super soft owl shirt

Here’s a 4 color discharge print for the band Railroad Earth. Art and subject is awesome, and we
nailed the reproduction if I do say so myself. Super soft printing on super soft Alternative Apparel garments.

Google – Farm to Fourth


Here’s a fun, colorful print we did for Google’s 4th of July celebration. This bright and snazzy
seven color design was printed on Red Gildan 5000 garments. A super rush job (aren’t they all)
we had this turned around  in 2 business days.

SF Giants – 2012 World Series Champions

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2012 SF Giants World Series Champions Tee

2012 SF Giants World Series Champions Tee

Hey, remember when this happened? We sure do! For most folks it meant an exciting home team win.
For us it meant that plus printing from the second they won the game until early the following morning,
non-stop. Hot market they call it, and it’s a whole new ball game. Lowish meshes and plastisol inks for
exact color matches and the fastest printing possible. We can run at 2000 pieces an hour under the right
conditions. Luckily we don’t have to do that often. If you are from the bay Area and own one of these
shirts chances are good it passed through our shop. Quickly.

Go Giants!

Kirk von Hammet – Fear Fest discharge shirts

3 color discharge printing for Fear Fest

3 color discharge printing for Fear Fest

It’s all right there. This is a 3 color halftoned discharge print for the Bay Area Fear FestEvil.
Not a whole lot to say except look at that red! Ridiculously bright! That’s how we roll!

Exploratorium – Geometry Playground

exploratoriumWhile this print is about a year old, it really represents the colors of that time, NEON!!!! This shirt is for the Exploratorium, which if you’re a Bay Area native, needs no further explanation.

Goblinz Clothing Line

goblinzThis is a 2 color print for a local clothing line. We used plastisol for this print as it was going on a bunch of different colored shirts, some of them non-dischargeable.

Op Six – Oversized Discharge print, off the edge of the shirt

opsixThis here is an oversized white discharge print for Op Six clothing company that extends over the bottom seam and off the edge of the shirt.

Spike Monster

4 color plastisol print

Here’s a nice 4 color plastisol print for an animation company. He literally looks like he’s jumping off the shirt!

Faint Industries


Yet another oversized waterbase/discharge
(noticing a trend?) print for an MMA clothing
line.  Simple 2 color on Alstyle/AAA shirts.