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RRE – Owl Tree discharge print

Awesome 4 color super soft owl shirt

Awesome 4 color super soft owl shirt

Here’s a 4 color discharge print for the band Railroad Earth. Art and subject is awesome, and we
nailed the reproduction if I do say so myself. Super soft printing on super soft Alternative Apparel garments.

TechShop Duct Tape Shirts

two color duct tape print

two color duct tape print

We’ve been printing shirts for TechShop, located in Menlo Park, CA, for a number of years now. Every year they exhibit at the annual Maker’s Faire and usually have some cool shirts to bring along. This year they went with a two color duct tape design on back as well as their logo on front. This was an interesting print to produce, trying to recreate the look of duct tape on a t-shirt.

Full Color T-Shirts

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We printed these shirts using 4 color process on White and Ash Gildan 2000 shirts.

4 color process is a print method of using only 4 colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and blacK, CMYK)
to reproduce many different shades of additional colors. It works well for photographs
and colorful artwork, on white and light shirts.

Maya Over Eyes . Sim-Process Print

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MAYA over eyes

Maya Over eyes

This here is an awesome 4 color print for the band Maya Over Eyes from San Jose. This was printed using the simulated process method, which uses the blending of specific base colors to create the effect of many more colors and shades. This is a popular screenprinting method with bands that want to print their often photographic type album covers on dark shirts. Of course the print would not be as great if it weren’t for the incredible artwork to begin with.